THE KILLEN REPORT with guest KATHLEEN ANTONIA - interview clip about Getting Played (complete interview on Google videos)
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GETTING PLAYED - What The ... Productions 2010 documentary about discrimination in the entertainment industry. Focusing primarily upon race based discrimination in the employment of on-camera talent, "Getting Played" also touches on the inextricably linked categories of discrimination by gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, and nationality, both in on-camera and behind camera industry work. The Biz employs more than 72% White and 62% male talent (source: Screen Actors Guild), and "Getting Played" profiles industry workers from every walk, activists, and psychology and jurisprudence professionals in a quest for remedies to evolve forever these most influential images.
NO ON PROP 8 - a PSA opposing California's 2008 Proposition 8
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  Getting Played, Honorable Mention recipient at the 2010 IBWFF - documentary trailers

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Four time Best Actress Emmy Award winner, Michael Learned - demo reel.
Hash Call - parody commercial
Cankles and a CombOver - webseries
No On 8 - PSA
GETTING PLAYED - who's playing you?
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