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Getting Played trailer #1
Getting Played trailer #2
What The ... Productions is a full service media production company located in Northern California. Take a look at our projects to see how What The ... Productions can bring your vision to life! We also edit demo reels for industry professionals. Contact us for rates!
Getting Played trailer #3
Getting Played 
What The ... Productions​​
P.O. Box 10424
Oakland, CA 94610

ph: (323) 284-5327
fax: (707) 221-2523
Products and Services
What The... Productions produces many projects pro bono. If you like what you've seen,
please donate to these efforts.
"professional, helpful about the best approach on how to make the Demo, 
reasonable price, and the final product is very well done. It’s snazzy." 

                                                                                   - Juan Carlos Pinedo

                                                                                                                                        "IT'S F------ FABULOUS!!!" 

                                                                                                                                                                                         - four-time Best Actress Emmy Award winner, Michael Learned

I Have All The Feelings
***the introductory text is a third party update
  Want to feel all caps and dashes about your demo reel? 
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